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Reconstructing memories!

This one is from my friend(Ritu). Personally speaking I loved this one and that's what make me share it with you all. Hope you all will like it too.
"Sharing tales of those we've lost is how we keep from really losing them." - Mitch Albom

That evening, we sat on the kitchen floor, waiting for mother to serve dinner, hands playing rabbits and birds as an oil lamp flickered shadows on clay walls; I was ten that night and happy that father caught so much fish, and that Bihu was near; I was to rehearse for dance and brother would play the dhol.

Then they came, sound of thick boots, and a gunshot rang. The curry pot fell with a clang when the army men with guns told they came for my brother; for he was anti-something, they said; father pleaded with them but they beat him up till his veins cracked and blood ran down to mix with the curry on the floor; and my mother cried herself to oblivion as they dragged her son out through the bamboo gate to the van waiting outside.

He was to be interrogated but he never came back, mother lost her mind and it never came back, father lost a side of his body, and it never came back.
Only if I could undo it all as I did every day in my mind"

brother would walk backwards from the van

to the kitchen to resit on the floor-mat as he

also unbecame anti-something;
the blood would slowly unmix with the curry
and rise and refill father’s veins
as they quietly uncracked
and father unlost a side of his body;
mother’s tears would curl up her cheeks
to be resucked into the ducts
as her lips would bend in a smile for
she would hold the curry pot
that unfell because the bullet was unshot;
and we would unhear the boot thumps
as the four burly army men retrace their steps
walking backwards from the kitchen to the van
as we resume our talks
of the coming Bihu, the fish father caught
and all the while the burning wick would
play shadows on the clay wall.

- Ritu Monjori Kalita :)

Everything is illusion and so me!!

I am nothing more than an illusion of words,
How do I convey that I always wanted to love people,
Though you can like or dislike me, it's all up to you,
Thinking maybe a defense mechanism but I rarely use them,
I really don't have any T&C or policies for my gentle heart,
Certainly that doesn't mean you should rule my kingdom,
I am faithful to me as well to my image,
But still when I compare myself with me, I feel like a beggar,
And if still you are judging me, its your critical thinking not mine (which matters most),
You are expressing your thoughts not my being,
Sometimes I feel part of me is not worth of your compliments,
Possibly you expect more and then I try to cross my limits and be unlimited,
Maybe I get fail to seduce you to like my existence,
But don't you think you should challenge your abilities to like me as human,
The heart loves, but my ego and your attitudes are enemies,
Let's connect ourselves and not be controlled by our seemingly heartless body,
Let's help each other rather than pretending to be like a robotic invention,

All I want you to accept me with all my imperfection and rejections.!! J

Ab to kar parwaah.!

Ab to kar parwah, khabar ye aam ho rahi hai,
Teri in harqato se bande, bharat maa ki izzat nilam ho rahi hai,

Ab aashman se paigambar-e-khuda aaye bhi to kya,
Tere maathe pe lage daag-e-ilzaam mita payega kya,

Sarkar-e-kanoon pe phir kyun nigaah hai,
Is kasht pe pehle hi kitne barbaad hue hai,

Sukoon-e-dil ke liye kitne uske dar hai gaye,
Par har faisla uska fakht kitaab-e-kalam tak hi raha,

Dheere se sarakti hai raat us masoom ki aanshu ki tarah,
Chehre pe udaasi aa jaati hai kisi apne ke guzar jane ki tarah.!!


Respect her, don't rape her.!

Women is the reason for your entity, success  and behind everything, respect her.

I feel like questioning to somebody,
But it’s like speaking to nobody,
Why this rape? Why to be a rapist?
Is this all about the lust, sex or is there any twist?

I have nothing to blame but only to feel ashamed,
Mercilessly night after night,
Women’s are left to fight,
Lost in my thoughts, insomnia night,

I do not have a sister but still I feel the pain,
We are the seeds of the same garden, we are destroying,
It has become a disease, the solution is very indeed,
Wake up girls and fight for your rights, this is what this moment requisites,

Being here on the earth is like just hanging by a thread,
Dirt around us, is leading to death,
Don’t enjoy this moment like a teaser of a movie,
Wake up, play your role for a happy end of this movie (Life).

Blessed with a perfect sister at last.

Exactly what you mean to me,
Is something that's very hard to arrange in words,
You see, I had no sister when I was a toddler,
To call when I wanted to play with her,

The day when we met,
We were standing without any clue,
Something god has managed to display through you,
And then I felt I’m not completely out of the blue,

He had a perfect plan,
Years were just not passing on,
He was making us understand our hearts,
To share some perfect moments of smile and tears,

As a brilliant sister of mine,
You are beyond my imagination and thoughts,
A proverbial war in my mind races to an end,
When I really found you in my real world,

Unconditional also wouldn’t be the perfect word for your love,
Our craziness love has no end,
Our cares and thoughts are good for each other,
It’s a love that will not defunct,

Madness, sometimes defines us best,
Fighting with each other has become a test,
But without this a relation would be nothing,
We should not get fail, after any unimaginable fight,

I am so glad,
That I didn’t have a sister in the past,
But now I’m more thankful to our dearest god,
For the perfect sister he has blessed me at last.!!


माँ तेरी याद आती है।

जब किसी बच्चे के रोने की आवाज़ आती है,
रोते-रोते दर्द में लिपटे माँ की पुकार आती है,
ऐसे पल में खो जाना तो यूं लाज्मी है,
पर ऐसे में माँ तुम्हारी याद आती है,

जब कोई आँचल उड़ कर किसी का दर्द छुपाता है,
जब किसी माँ का कलेजा आँसू देख सेहम जाता है,
तेरे आँचल से बिछड़ा ये सितारा टूट जाता है,
फिर ऐसे में माँ इक तेरा चेहरा ही याद आता है,

जब पिता की डांट से किसीका दिल सहम जाता है,
तेरे समझाने की वो हल्की सी धुन गूंज जाती है,
और फिर तेरे छुपके रोने की सिसकियाँ नशों में दौड़ जाती है,
फिर ऐसे में तुम्हारे ममता में लिपटी दुनिया याद आती है,

मेरे नन्हें कदमों की आहट से लेकर आज की शैतानिया,
हमेशा तेरा मेरे साथ होने का एहसाश दिलाती है,
बारिश की रिमझिम बूंदे तेरे डांट के डर से रुख मोड़ लेती है,
अब तन्हाई में सारे गुजारे पल तेरी याद लाती है।

A win from sure demise!

My mirror cried, it gleaned my thoughts,
Is that you and that’s what you want?
I noticed, some synthetic views and pathetic reviews,
Thinking, why you laughed? Why you taunt?
Should I say thanks for proving me wrong?

Time is the teacher, now I’m being wise,
Sodden my eyes from the tears and fears,
But I’ll lead my way from sure demise,
Pungent death will witness the hidden power of my ride,
Things will be settled soon and I’ll rise,

You thought I was burning dust on your floor,
In the mirror a shadow that stands all alone,
But I assure you, I won’t let that shadow die young,
By my mirror, I’ll correct all my errors,
You will see me shining and my mirror, smiling.!!